Basic Information

BSE: 6A8
Bloomberg: ADVEQ BU
Fund type: Closed-end publicly traded vehicle for private equity investments
Chairman of the board of directors: Arthur Aslanyan
Capital under management: BGN 38 062 182 / EUR 19 460 884
Number of shares issued: 35 945 592
Launch date / Vintage year: 14 January 2006
Termination date: 6 February 2020
Country of registration: Bulgaria
Stock Exchange: Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia
Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Management fees: • 20% (VAT excl.) on the internal rate of return /IRR/ achieved at sale of ("exit from") the shareholdings in each investee company (this fee shall be applicable only if the achieved IRR in the particular investment is not less than the target IRR which is 8% on annual basis).
Investment manager: Karoll Finance

Capital raised* - The value of all common shares with voting rights of Advance Equity Holding calculated using their respective issue prices. The "capital raised" is equivalent to the "capital under management".