Advance Equity Holding is the first Bulgarian private equity investor focused on the financing of start-up businesses. The company raises funds on the stock exchange and channels them to projects with high growth potential run by talented and motivated to succeed entrepreneurs.

Petar Kerezov Chairman of the board of directors of Advance Equity Holding


Advance Equity Holding is a private equity investor with a mid- to long-term interest in private (unquoted) companies. The firm was established in the beginning of 2006 and got listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia in the middle of that year through an initial public offering of shares. In 2007 Advance Equity Holding did a new public offering to increase its capital.

The focus of its activity is the investment in start-ups, early stage, and expanding businesses which have big potential for growth as well as talented and highly motivated management teams. Advance Equity Holding acquires shareholders’ equity in all of the businesses it financially supports.

In essence, Advance Equity Holding acts as the typical private equity / venture capital funds that are quite familiar in the USA and Western Europe. The public status of the firm enables an easier access to financial resources as well as it grants a greater transparency of the investment process.

The firm will be existent for a period of 10 years ending in 2020. Until then Advance Equity Holding will have to complete the full investment cycle by selling the acquired shareholdings in its investee companies – the so called “exit from investment” or “divestment”. The entire accumulated amount of the proceeds from the sales will be distributed among the firm’s shareholders.