SEP Service JSC in liquidation

Established: 2011 г.

Share of Advance Equity Holding: 100%



CEO: Dimitar Brankov


Main Activity: Offering of payment services through mobile phones to individuals and companies and issuing of electronic payment instruments. In addition, the company's activities include software development, information processing and certification services.

The company will provide payment services to end users by issuing electronic payment instruments (EPI). The EPI will enable users to generate valid payment orders from their mobile phones via a mobile, internet or contactless interface.

Users of the service will be able to pay in shops with their cell phones. This will be done through RFID chips, provided by SEP Service, or NFC chips, which are becoming a standard technology for smartphones. Users will also be able to pay public services and regular bills, shop on the internet, transfer funds to other accounts or receive money.